Flexible ceramic hoses with powerful abrasion protection

Hardface supplies ceramic hoses that resist the most aggressive stresses that arise in industrial processes where large material flows are handled. The advantage of flexible ceramic hoses is that they have a very long service life and are easy to install.

Hoses for demanding environments

Hardface ceramic hoses are used in the most demanding industrial applications for transporting different types of solid and liquid material, with sharp, hard edges or corrosive characteristics. Examples are wet and dry cement, solid fuels and ashes, sand, concrete, dredged sediment, pulp and glass particles.

Very strong abrasive protection

Hardface ceramic hoses are made of strong EPDM rubber lined with abrasive resistant ceramic tiles of alumina. It is a chemically very stable ceramic with high resistance to abrasion. The ceramic tiles can move relative to each other and in combination with EPDM rubber, the hose becomes flexible, which simplifies installation in confined spaces with odd bend radius or where it is difficult to mount pipes in fixed dimensions. The hoses has built-in vibration damping thanks to their flexible construction and can handle a working pressure of 10 bar and an internal temperature of -20 – +80 ° C.

Manufacturing according to customer specification

In order to guarantee an optimal solution, Hardface takes into account several important factors, such as the inside diameter of the pipe, how the hose connects to the existing pipe; flange joint, bayonet fitting or clamp? The hose length and the expected bending radius, which material is to be transported through the hose, inside and outside hose temperatures, working pressure and if the hose is subject to deformations or vibrations.

Hardface ceramic hoses are available in dimensions from 32 mm to 300 mm and in lengths up to 20 meters (65 feet). When delivered, the hoses has exactly the same inside diameter as the meeting pipes and can quick and easy be fitted to existing pipe connections. If necessary, the outer layer of the hose can be reinforced to increase the hose’s ability to handle high working pressure. It is made of steel wire, which is made in a helix structure together with a polyester cover.

A flexible solution that saves money

Hardface ceramic hoses are very cost effective and enables flexible solutions in demanding environments. They help improve profitability by eliminating disturbances and unplanned downtime.

Do you want to know more?

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About Hardface

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