Compensators with ceramic abrasion protection

Hardface compensators with ceramic abrasion protection are used in aggressive and abrasive environments where pipe systems are exposed to stresses due to axial movements caused by temperature changes, vibrations or pressure shocks. Hardface offers a range of compensators with strokes that are adapted to current movements and with a ceramic abrasion protection that provides the compensator with a lifespan that corresponds to ceramic tubes.

Customized manufacturing

Hardface compensators with ceramic abrasion protection are fully adapted to the environment they are going to work in. Consideration is taken to the dimensions, inside diameter, stroke, pressure, temperature and material flow. Pipes and connections are made in the material that the application requires, such as stainless steel or ordinary  steel. The insides of the construction are covered with durable ceramic that protects against abrasion from the material flow. The surfaces work against each other with tight tolerances and a seal that is suitable for each application.

Longer life in difficult operating conditions

Hardface compensators with ceramic abrasion protection are designed to cope with exceptionally difficult operating conditions with high temperature changes, high pressure and aggressive material flows. Thanks to the ceramic abrasion protection, Hardface compensators have a lifespan equal to ceramic tubes and are superior to standard compensators. Hardface compensators help maintain productivity without risk of unplanned downtime and high maintenance costs.

Hardface compensators

Hardface compensators with ceramic abrasion protection are manufactured and adapted to our customers’ needs. Consideration is given, among other things, to:

  • Existing dimensions
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Pipe length
  • Material flow
  • Stroke
  • Materials in pipes and connections
  • Linear expansion coefficient
  • Reactivity force
  • Compensator’s own resistance

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About Hardface

Hardface works to improve efficiency and competitiveness within the Swedish industry. We do this by offering durable solutions in mechanical wear for longer service life, more efficient maintenance work and better profitability. With a wide range of durable materials, consulting services and training courses, we offer customized abrasion resistant solutions to the Swedish industry where high demands are placed on the durability of the production equipment.