From 3D scanning to finished CAD drawing

Hardface has developed a process in which we perform a complete 3-dimensional scan of construction components in a production facility. The scan is done on site and does not interfere with the production processes. With scanned geometry, a CAD rendering creates a constructional drawing on, for example, parts of a pipe system, dumps, wings and cyclones.

When design details lack drawings

Large-scale drawings of production facilities are often inadequately updated and lack detailed descriptions of important components. This creates problems when spare parts must be ordered from drawings with uncertain information or when new drawings are made using manual measurement methods. The risk is that delivered parts can not be installed correctly because the dimensions do not match accurately. Resource-demanding adaptations may need to be done or, in the worst case, new spare parts must be ordered.

Hardface 3D scanning simplifies repair and maintenance work

When Hardface carries out a 3D scan, data is sent directly to the design engineer who can now provide a correct drawing with detailed information for the production of the spare part. The time savings exceed the time it takes to measure a component by hand. In addition, the accuracy of scanning becomes much higher. The result will be a spare part optimized for the specific needs that requires minimal resources during installation. Hardface 3D scanning means increased profitability thanks to longer uninterrupted service life and more efficient maintenance cycle.

Hardface 3D scan

  • Creates data for CAD drawing
  • No hands-on measurement methods required
  • Provides an exact drawing
  • Saving a lot of time
  • Simplifies maintenance work

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About Hardface

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