Effective solutions for durable wear protection

Hardface helps the Swedish basic industry to protect exposed surfaces from abrasive and erosive damage. We provide the most cost effective solutions to extend service life and maintain productivity without risk of downtime and high maintenance costs. Hardface solutions include pipe systems, fans, cell feeders, screw conveyors and wear rails.

3D Scanning

Hardface offers 3-dimensional scanning of structural components in a production facility. With scanned geometry, a CAD rendering creates a constructional drawing on, for example, parts of a pipe system, dumps, wings and cyclones.

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Rotary valves

Hardface refurbishes worn down, used rotary valves. We also delivers brand new ones where all wear exposed surfaces are coated with extremely durable ceramics or other hardfacing overlay.

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Hardface offers solutions to process industries that use high pressure fans, high rotational speeds, and high flow rates that contains particulate matter that cause heavy abrasive wear on the equipment.

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Ceramic hoses

Hardface supplies ceramic hoses that resist the most aggressive stresses that arise in industrial processes where large material flows are handled. The advantage of flexible ceramic hoses is that they have a very long service life and are they easy to install.

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Hardface compensators with ceramic wear protection are used in aggressive and abrasive environments to protect pipe systems from stresses due to axial movements. They are designed to cope with exceptionally difficult operating conditions with large temperature changes, high pressure and aggressive material flows.

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Pipe systems

Hardface ceramic pipes and chromium carbide pipes are used in processes where transport of fly ash, waste, meat and bone meal, cement, coal, glass particles as well as corrosive and aggressive vapors are exposing equipment to severe abrasive wear.

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Screw conveyors

Hardface delivers prefabricated screw conveyors that are protected from abrasive wear with hardfacing overlay coating adapted to customer needs.

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Wear bars

Hardface manufactures wear bars in the material that best suits the conditions of our customers’ production processes.

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Wear plate, ceramic

Hardface ceramic wear plate are used in truly aggressive wear environments where distribution of large volumes of rough materials causes impact and strain on the equipment. They are often used in truck dump bodies and barges that load and unload excavated gravel and rocks, and for heavy steel scrap handling.

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