Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying is a method of repairing, reconditioning and refinishing surfaces exposed to extensive abrasion. The method is fast and flexible, and more environmentally friendly and cost effective than for example hard chromium. Thermal spraying allows almost any material, to be used as alloy, which enables specific solutions to meet every customer’s needs. Hardface often uses chromium carbide and tungsten carbide to coat surfaces exposed to extensive mechanical abrasion.

With well-trained specialists, Hardface offers highly qualified work with three thermal spraying technologies:

  • Arc spraying
  • Flame spraying
  • High velocity oxy-fuel coating spraying (HVOF)

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About Hardface

Hardface works to improve efficiency and competitiveness within the Swedish industry. We do this by offering durable solutions in mechanical wear for longer service life, more efficient maintenance work and better profitability. With a wide range of durable materials, consulting services and training courses, we offer customized abrasion resistant solutions to the Swedish industry where high demands are placed on the durability of the production equipment.