Laser Cladding

Maximum wear resistance and adhesion

Laser Cladding is a welding process that complements thermal spraying. It has become more used than PTA welding and it exceeds conventional welding methods such as TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) for advanced welding repairs.

With Laser Cladding, the laser beam is focused on the workpiece with a selected point size. The powder coating material is sprayed with an inert gas through a powder nozzle into the melt. The laser optics and powder nozzle are moved over the workpiece surface to coat traces of selected material, such as tungsten carbide. The result is complete and even layers of large volumes.


  • Perfect metallurgical bonding to the base material
  • Completely dense surface layer
  • Minimal heating zone that minimizes deformations of the material
  • A homogeneous microstructure for maximum abrasion resistance
  • Sharp corners can be coated

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