Methods for optimized solutions

To provide the most cost-effective solutions, Hardface methods are carefully selected and adapted to to each customer’s specific situation. Our solutions are always based on the condition of our customers application; what kind of abrasive and erosive wear and quality of underlying metal, for example.

Laser Cladding

Laser Cladding is a welding process that complements thermal spraying for maximum durability and adhesion. Read more about Laser Cladding here.

Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying is a method of repairing, reconditioning and refinishing surfaces exposed to extensive abrasion. Read more about thermal spraying here.

Aerotech bonding

Vacuum bonded ceramics

Vacuum bonding is an advanced bonding technology that combines structural adhesives, abrasive resistant ceramics and a controlled heating and vaccum process to attach the ceramic material to a substrate.