LKAB Mekaniska WRC system för montage av plåtar

Hardface chromium carbide wear plate minimizes your costs of abrasion and unwanted production stops

Hardface chromium carbide wear plate protects surfaces that are exposed to extreme abrasion in production processes, and by that contributing to significantly reduced maintenance costs and reduced risk of unforeseen production stoppages.

Lower maintenance costs

Hardface chromium carbide wear plate is a cost-effective abrasion protection for exposed surfaces in cyclones, crushers, mills, mixer blades, feeder screws, chain rails for chain conveyors, gutters, dumps, shafts, grinder liners and all other applications where abrasion causes high maintenance costs or unwanted shutdowns.

Hardface chromium carbide plate is available in several grades

Hardface chromium carbide wear plate is used to increase abrasion protection on small and large surfaces. Hardface offers three different grades and manufactures the plate in structural steel, stainless steel or Hardox. The plate is welded with one or more layers of chromium carbide, which gives an extremely hard and durable abrasion resistant surface with long service life. The plate can be easily cut with, for example, laser, water or plasma cutting and by rolling it can be formed into pipes and other constructions.


Hardface chromium carbide wear plate is available in standard dimensions but can be delivered according to customer requirements.

Standard dimensions

3 + 3 900 x 1950 & 2450 x 1150
5 + 3 1400 x 2930
6 + 4 1400 x 2930
8 + 5 1400 x 2930
8 + 7 1400 x 2930
15 + 5 1400 x 2930

The above measurements are net values. As standard, the plate has a 50 mm border zone that is not wear resistant.

Abrasion layer

Hardface chromium carbide wear plate is available with abrasion protection layer in three different grades: X, N & I.


X = 58 – 62HRC
N = 60 – 63HRC
I = 52-58HRC

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About Hardface

Hardface works to improve efficiency and competitiveness within the Swedish industry. We do this by offering durable solutions in mechanical wear for longer service life, more efficient maintenance work and better profitability. With a wide range of durable materials, consulting services and training courses, we offer customized abrasion resistant solutions to the Swedish industry where high demands are placed on the durability of the production equipment.