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Ceramic materials are used in industrial production plants where large material flows, aggressive vapors and high temperatures expose vital components to excessive abrasion. Hardface has great knowledge in ceramic applications and offers various solutions where ceramics minimizes mechanical abrasion problems.

Cost-effective ceramics for abrasion resistant surfaces

Hardface offers a carefully selected choice of ceramics. Each ceramic have unique properties that are used to solve specific abrasion problems. Ceramics are cost effective and are available in many different configurations, shapes and sizes, such as pipe fittings and tiles. With pressing tools and sintering at high temperatures, Hardface can also provide specific shapes and sizes, which make it possible to customize the abrasion protection of exposed surfaces in a production facility.

Custom made components

Hardface manufactures components of ceramic materials that provide lower weight, better performance and longer service life than standard components. Components made of ceramic materials are often the only available solution that can withstand extreme temperatures and mechanical abrasion in industrial applications.

Manufacturing is made according to the customer’s needs and specification, with abrasion protection that is adapted to the material flows and temperatures to which the components will be exposed. Hardface expertise in ceramic applications contributes decisively to increasing the service life and performance of our customers’ equipment and production facilities.

Hardface ceramic materials

Hardface offers a carefully selected choice of ceramics.


Alumina is a chemically very stable material with high resistance to wear with a hardness of about 9 on the Mohs scale. Density 4 g / cm3.

Special varieties: alumina/xirconium oxide such as ZTA (Zirconium Toughened Alumina) 30% Zirconia 70% Aluminum Oxide and ATZ (Aluminum Toughened Zirconium).


Similar to alumina but has greater resistance to mechanical wear and tear. Density 5.7 g / cm3

Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide has extremely high resistance to mechanical wear and high temperatures. Density 3.2 g / cm3

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About Hardface

Hardface works to improve efficiency and competitiveness within the Swedish industry. We do this by offering durable solutions in mechanical wear for longer service life, more efficient maintenance work and better profitability. With a wide range of durable materials, consulting services and training courses, we offer customized abrasion resistant solutions to the Swedish industry where high demands are placed on the durability of the production equipment.