Durable materials with strong abrasive protection

Hardface helps the Swedish basic industry to protect exposed surfaces from abrasion. We offer the most cost effective materials to extend service life and maintain productivity without risk of downtime and high maintenance costs.


Ceramic materials

Hardface offers a carefully selected choice of ceramics. They are available in many different configurations, shapes and sizes, such as pipe fittings, rings and tiles. Hardface can also provide customized solutions to protect exposed areas in a production facility. Read more about ceramic materials here.

Tungsten carbide

Hardface offers tungsten carbide carbide plates that have a unique combination of hardness, toughness and durability that make them particularly suitable for handling, for example, granulates and abrasive particles transported at high speeds. Read more about tungsten carbide here.


Chromium Carbide Wear Plate X & N

Hardface chromium carbide wear plates is a cost-effective abrasive protection for exposed surfaces in cyclones, crushers, mills, mixer blades, conveyor screws, grinding rails, gutters, dumps, and other places where abrasion causes high maintenance costs or unwanted shutdowns. Read more about chromium carbide wear plates here.

Chromium Carbide Wear Plate M3.2 Smooth

Hardface chromium carbide wear plate M3.2 Smooth has a perfectly smooth surface and represents a new generation of wear plates that have up to 30% higher abrasive resistance. 100 % smooth chrome carbide wear plates are especially suitable as bedding for e.g chain conveyors where a smooth surface is a prerequisite for optimized performance and service life. Read more about chromium carbide wear plate smooth here.