Durable solutions for mechanical wear in steel, mines, paper, energy and cement industries

Hardface works primarily in the mining and mineral industry, pulp and process industry, cement industry and heating plants. We would like to take a challenge in other industries as well. We provide effective solutions and a wide portfolio of abrasion and erosion resistant materials to improve maintenance and reduce all types of mechanical wear.


Hardface has durable solutions for the cement industry’s large and demanding material flows and wear resistant production equipment. With solutions and materials for cell feeders, sliding rails, sieves, dumps, gutters and units with large dimensions, we offer longer and more profitable operations.

Steel & Casting

Solutions and materials for reduced wear in handling large tonnage of raw materials and demanding processes with fans, pipes, chemical dosages, shafts and pockets are the ones we can offer the steel industry through a variety of suppliers with global experience.

Our pipes and other solutions offers improved operating economics in metal casting industries where transportation of large volumes of sand creates severe abrasive wear.

Mining & minerals

Our global network of suppliers with worldwide experience enables us to deliver materials and wear resistant solutions that can handle large tonnage of ore, clinker and pellets, giving mines increased service life and safer operation. We continuously work with new, innovative wear resistant solutions for improved maintenance economy and to maintain our prominent position as supplier to Sweden’s mining companies.

Cellulose, Pulp & Paper

Hardface increases the life span of the most abrasion exposed sites in the cellulose industry. Screws, wear rails, cell feeders, dumps, shafts, pipes for bark, fuels, ashes, sand, lime and others are maintenance areas technicians often return to. With our solutions, we contribute to longer interruption free operation and extended time between renovations by applying optimal abrasion resistant surfaces adapted to any operating conditions.

Energy & Heating

Solid fuels often provide surprisingly expensive abrasive damage in thermal power plants. Through the right choice of materials on wear surfaces in screws, wear rails, cell feeders, dumps, shafts and pipes for fuels, ashes, sand etc. – intervals between renovations can be extended with significant cost savings as a result. Our calculation model that compares existing solutions with our durable abrasive resistant materials shows great savings in terms of time, money and work.

Concrete industry, Stone & Asphalt

To the concrete industry, we deliver more durable shovels for blenders so that renovations can take place for a predetermined time. Pipes, dumps, gaps, sieves etc. are obtained with improved maintenance economy and costly disturbances are eliminated. Machines and equipment is secured from downtime and kept in production as planned.