Training and consultation for more efficient maintenance

Problem solving consultation

For years, Hardface has accumulated experience and knowledge about how our customers’ production equipment is exposed to different types of abrasion. Our specialists helps you identify problem areas and suggests the most cost-effective solutions and protection materials that will be used to remove mechanical abrasion and create more efficient maintenance.

Training for more efficient maintenance

Hardface offers customized training courses aimed at increasing knowledge of how abrasion affects profitability, where abrasion occurs, which abrasion materials can be used and how maintenance can be streamlined and prevented to increase operational reliability and profitability.

Effective preventive maintenance is based on continuously monitoring the facilities conditions aimed at detecting errors at such an early stage that they can be rectified without disturbances. Together with our customer, we can carry out a preliminary study to find out about possible weak points in the production facilities. We have extensive experience with installations that are exposed to severe abrasion e.g. LKAB, s facilities in Kiruna, Malmberget and Svappavaara, sawmills, paper industries, thermal power plants and cement manufacturing. We also have experience from process industries in Norway.

Our work with knowledge development includes:

  • Education in preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, operator maintenance, etc.
  • Improve and develop maintenance methods
  • Carry out preliminary studies with the customer
  • Identify & prioritize mechanical abrasion including technical and financial solutions for the prioritized abrasion

This will contribute to achieve higher availability and reliability.

Three-step education

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Operator Maintenance
  • Condition monitoring