Hardface AB in cooperation with SSAB’s Hardox Wearparts®

In cooperation with SSAB Hardox Wearparts®, Hardface is now the Hardox Wearparts Center in Karlskoga, Sweden. Hardox Wearparts is a world leader in abrasive solutions and services, with a global network of currently 320 members in 75 countries.

Hardface is now able to offer a larger and more comprehensive range of materials and solutions for mechanical abrasion. Among other things, Hardox wear plate and Duroxite chrome carbide plate that fit perfectly in Hardface’s own product range.

Through Hardox Wearpart’s central warehouse in Oxelösund and thanks to expanded processing capabilities in the network, Hardface gives significantly greater delivery capability and shorter delivery times. The cooperation and network members also create better prerequisites and capabilities to renovate, repair and upgrade worn-out critical components that require enhanced abrasive protection and durability.

Through the cooperation, all of the 320 Hardox Wearpart Centers now have access to the entire Hardface range of abrasion solutions as well as the special materials and techniques that handles the hardest abrasive wears – even with additional difficulties such as temperature, corrosion, etc. Some solutions and products that now are available throughout the network includes durable pipe systems, cell feeders, transport screws, wear bars and chain conveyors with ceramics or chromium carbide.

Together with Hardox Wearparts, Hardface now offers better products and solutions to industries with extreme abrasive wear, such as mining, construction, cement, energy, metalworking and recycling.

Hardox Wearparts – a part of SSAB

Hardox Wearparts is a part of SSAB, the manufacturer of Hardox wear steel. SSAB is the world leader in high strength steel with added value. SSAB offers products that have been developed in close cooperation with the company’s customers to create a stronger, easier and more sustainable world.

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